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In the Twilight.

"Did you seriously just stomp your foot? I thought girls did that only in movies."

Our memories.

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We belong.


Murmured words.

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Breaking dawn.

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Ashley Greene

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |3:45 PM

More Anna Kenderick

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |3:43 PM

Vampire 1

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |3:33 PM

This is one of my revamped pics of anna kendrick (jessica stanly)

Firsts of the pictures are going up!

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |3:18 PM

For the next few days im going to be posting some of the re-vamped pictures!

First Post

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |8:29 PM

Hey girls! I just wanted to let you know that i'm a photo-shop geek. And if you want to send me a picture, for a very tiny small fee i could change you or your friend into a vampire! I can also if you want just edit or tweek your hair color or eye color. If you want to be turned into a vampire you have to choose if you want to be a bad vamp, a good vamp, or a hungry one. If you are interested message me through my profile!!! Or message me at themeadowblog@yahoo.com (future blog)